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Kompass (China) International Information Service Co., Ltd.

The world's leading online B2B marketplace

28 Donghouxiang Lane, Andingmenwai Street
Dongcheng District, Beijing 100011

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Aktualności Kompass (China) International Information Service Co., Ltd.


Informacje firmowe Kompass (China) International Information Service Co., Ltd.


Kompass is a leading global provider of a range of B2B Data Solutions that are used for sales, marketing, procurement & research.

Kompass Business Data helps you find the right customer leads and marketing lists for your business, with data collected from source through dedicated data integrity teams on the ground in 70 countries. Our B2B company data is classified using our uniquely detailed Kompass classification system, which contains more than 56,000 product & service categories.

Access to our data is offered through a subscription to our global online database EasyBusiness, which contains more than  42 million companies and can be searched in 25 languages. We also provide bespoke sales & marketing lists which are built by our Kompass Direct data team. In addition we offer API data solutions including direct access to Kompass data via Salesforce™.

Kompass Digital Marketing Solutions will help your company attract new business leads. Using Kompass.com, our global online digital directory which attracts more than 7.5m visitors every month, we offer a range of services to help improve your SEO, increase relevant customer traffic and build global awareness of your company profile and brand.

Kompass Business Sales Intelligence helps you connect with business leaders using ByPath, our next generation B2B data solution, which provides smart analysis of Big Data gathered from the web and social networks. By delivering relevant insight and alerts it gives sales teams both meaningful and critical information to help grow their business.

Kompass Public Tenders is our online global tenders service which is used by companies looking to identify new business opportunities through access to public and private sector bids. With over 50,000 China and international tenders every day, they are generated across more than 190 countries.

If you need information further, don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact details:
Contact: Mr. Liang Huapu
Job title: Business information manager
Company: Kompass (China) Interantional Information Service Co.,Ltd.
Addr: 28 DongHouXiang, Andingmenwai, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Post Code: 100011
Tel./WeChat: 13520985191
Fax: 010 6424 8799
Email: lhp@kompass.com.cn, 458120945@qq.com
Website: www.kompass.com

Informacje ogólne

Rok założenia 1993
Co.Registration No 91110101600030705L
Kapitał 4 160 000 RMB
Rodzaj przedsiębiorstwa Centrala
Numer VAT 91110101600030705L
Faks +86 10 64248806
WWW http://www.kompass.com

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Qingdao Yuyin Chemical Co., Ltd.

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  • Kompass  (Dystrybutor / Importer)

    The world's leading online B2B marketplace.

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    Find the right customer leads and marketing lists for your business using our global B2B database.

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    a new additional module, introducing live data from more than 200k web media sources and sales intelligence features into EasyBusiness.

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    Your company profile will be visible to potential new customers searching for your products or services.


  • Bank of China,

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    28 zatrudnionych


  • 2015

    4 850 000 RMB

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Mr. Qi Huang


Ms Xiaohong Feng

Zastępca Dyrektora Zarządzającego/Dyrektora Operacyjnego (Deputy MD/Chief Operating Officer)

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