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Cięcie plazmowe metali
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Carmichael Engineering Group Ltd (further as CEG) designs, builds and provides the full range of services for Labelling Machines. Whilst having our own Design Office and well equipped Manufacturing base we are able easily to adjust to the different needs of our clients and provide individual solutions for bespoke and specialist projects. Our team of experts, who have 20 years of experience in the field of producing high performance turret machines, are able to meet most requirements of our customers and share our can-do attitude.Spare Parts Division (further as SPD) - specializes on the manufacturing spare parts and components for machine production industry. Owing to rich history, old traditions and long-turn relationships with of local companies we provide complete services in metal and plastic working for different companies in Europe. Our Design Department is always ready for assistance, improvement of existing solutions as well as support in implementation of new prototype mechanisms.As SPD we provide for our clients: • Complex assemblies / mechanisms according to the provided documentation • Individual parts • Serial productionSPD work sectors: CNC milling CNC lathing laser and plasma cutting and bending steel welding sandblasting and grinding surface coating assembly works The CEG factory is geographically located in the Middle of Europe at Starachowice, Poland and settled in the modern facilities that are certified according to all European norms. Due to our modern organizational system, high-technology solutions and cost effective policy we’re able to reduce the cost of machine production and provide acceptable prices and quality solutions in the different industries around the world. WE INVITE YOUR COMPANY FOR MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL COOPERATION!

Supplier of:

  • Maszyny i urządzenia do znakowania i etykietowania, klasyfikowane wg rodzaju produktu
  • Maszyny do etykietowania (etykieciarki) puszek
  • Maszyny do etykietowania (etykieciarki) butelek...
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